Which country is a threat to the world?

Several people are permitted to utter lies and threats against Iran on a daily basis on Iranian.com.These individuals are advocating bombings and destructions, in the same way that Iraqi expatriate did. Iran has had many vatanforosh who did the same thing during Shah.  IRI has them too and we will have them even when IRI is gone.

It is difficult to find an example of a country (USA) destroying another nation (Iraq) supported by interest groups (AIPAC). Now Israel is pressing USA to do the same to Iran.Is Israel determined to be the only country in the ME to be a nuclear power? Is there any law that says UK, Russia, China, Israel, France, Pakistan, and India can have nuclear weapons, but Iran cannot?  If the USA knew, Japanese had nuclear weapons, would they bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We have Iranian idiots both inside and outside of Iran. Iran will not dare to attack any country, especially with nuclear weapon, knowing that Israel + the US (= USrael ) have more than 25,000 nuclear war heads.

With the lies spewed on daily basis in the media, especially after Iraq invasion, it would be good to know that the Western media and people learned a lesson which should have lasted for some time.  But no!!, the same garbage is being uttered against Iran. In any event, Israel does not believe its own propaganda.  In March of 2009, the Washington Post reported that … a senior Israeli official did not believe Iran would attack Israel because of the retaliation.  And on Jan. 10, 2010, Sunday Times of London reported that Uzi Eilam believes it will take Iran seven years to make the weapons.

In 2002, Israel defense minister said that … “we have the capability to take the world down with us, before Israel goes under.” If any country is a threat to the world is the USA and/or Israel. Either country will use nuclear weapon with little regard to its consequences.

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