Who Says Iran Is Becoming Isolated in the Middle East?

We have argued for some time that the policy debate about Iran here in the United States is distorted by a number of “myths” — myths about the Islamic Republic, its foreign policy, and its domestic politics. We were reminded of this by Jim Hoagland’s column Sunday in the Washington Post — particularly the passage in which he chastises President Obama for citing sanctions “as the cause of unrest” in Iran. In Hoagland’s view, this reading “does a disservice to the humanity of Iran’s simmering revolt,” which is playing the “dominant role in the popular uprising” that is taking place in the Islamic Republic. We certainly agree that the Obama administration is exaggerating the impact of sanctions, but it surpasses understanding that Hoagland is citing the Green movement as the cause of “unrest” and a “popular uprising” that is supposedly going on in Iran right now.

One of the more dangerous myths currently affecting America’s Iran debate is the proposition that, through concerted diplomatic action, the United States can isolate the Islamic Republic, both regionally and internationally.

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