Portugal’s Green energy Revolution vs AN’s messianic Revolution

While  Shia Empire wanna-be IRI is saber rattling/intimidating the Great Satan with its “technology” to provoke a war against itself and to rile up the Mehdi devotee loons into supporting IRI’s warmongering foreign policy, Portuguese government went from generating 17% of its electricity from alternative sources a few years ago to 45% today. IRI, as usual is  full of sound and fury but no substance. All bluster and bravado but no real guts or brains to do the real hard work of securing the economic, territorial or National  security of the Iranian nation on the path of true Independence.

IRI in its usual suicidal lunacy thinks that by provoking another war against itself it can cover up its real war against Iranian citizens and continue its reign of terror for another 30 years. It’s ridiculous thinking like that led to extending the Iraq-Iran war needlessly for 6 more years. I detect the same blood lust in the leadership of IRGC and AN’s Hojatieh cult of death.

 I wish we could have a conference of all Iranian expats so-called  Hamayesh abroad here in the West to uninamously demand AN and its cult to  stop provoking another so-called divine blessing of  war upon our nation.  We don’t need any more pointless bloodshed. Wars almost never turn out the way anybody thinks they will. That’s only one reason wars are to be avoided.

  Make no mistake, IRI will be squashed like a bug in any war with Israel or the US. Let’s expose IRI’s Armageddon cult and halt AN’s attempt in  trying to activate an apocalypse trigger.

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