America has brought many miseries to Iran!! Discourage attack(s) by Americans

Will President Obama make a similar mistake to President Carter?   I was talking with several friends over dinner about the role of America in Iran.  I mentioned to them about and people such as Fred and Masoud who promote American involvement (bombings) in Iran.  

Although Iranian population is young, they can tell you that CIA has had a role in Iran’s destruction for a long time.  America has brought many miseries to Iran.  CIA has funded religious individuals or groups, and when they turn against them, they complain.

  American (CIA) paid people to create chaos in Iran in 1950s, it encouraged Iraq to attack Iran when it was weak because IRI killed many of the generals and military personnel.  Hennery Kissinger said that America wants both Iran and Iraq to continue the fight so they become very weak.   Now several members of on daily basis encourage bombings and air tight sanctions!!  If Obama orders attack on Iran, Iran will be set back at least 30 more years.  

Here is a video to watch and discourage CIA’s  involvement in Iran again and again.

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