Fatemeh Rajabi: Position of president must be eliminated!

Fatemeh Rajabi is a “journalist” and the wife of Elaham who is  a member of gaurdian council and an Islamic Republic spokesman. In this interview, which was published in 50th edition of Hamshahri, Rajbi expresses her opinion that the office of presidency must be eliminated. She sees the role of an elected president as a direct challenge to Valeeh Fagheeh, who should have the full control of the government. In her view, a person must be appointed by Valeeh Fagheeh (like a prime minister) which would simply implement VF’s policies. In addition she does not believe in political parties, as she believes is a corrupt institution.

Her views are important, as it sheds light to the vision of those controlling the gaurdian council, and the future Iran they want to rule. Mesbah Yazdi, the theorician of revival of absolute Valeeh Fagheeh, has been much vocal in recent months, in reiterating the role of VF as the spokesman for God. A person whose orders must only be obyed witheout question.

The article is very revealing and informative. As many, including the leading human rights activist Kareem Lahiji have for decades argued against the paradox of — Islamic Republic —  favoring the Republic, this appears to be the start of a new attempt to eliminate the — Republic –, as Rajabi clearly favors and creating a Islamic Regime (Hokoomat) instead. The fact that the city council election, scheduled for this summer were postponed may be the begining of the new trend.


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