The only way can rescue us is unity and knowledge. The language is the key to the science

 The only hope for us to live in Peace and Unity is science and the key to the science is language.     I am a teacher and think that if we understand each other language and cultures ; we can build a better world.  Language is a key of understanding. I know eight languages and I was teacher in seven different countries. I had student almost from all nations and religions. I am learning almost  two years Pashto. I thought because this language is close to Persian, it is easy to have mastery. Your class was good and because the words that I know came to practice. I send my writing to you, but I did not have any answer from you. I asked Sabrina to do this. I looked in internet and wrote a lot of sentences from voice of America and BBC and tried to translate them. I thought we can make a book from them and give to the students. They can refer to the book. I do not know the words that I do not know and write down by telephone class are right or not. Any body who knows Pashto can write sentences. So I wanted to gather these sentences in one book just to expand the Pashto language.  If you want to learn Arabic; there is so much materials. But for Pashto I could not find. The only book that I found was Bible in Pashto. I found also Quran in Pashto, but I think they are Pakistani Pashto and you told me they are different than Afghanistan Pashto. I hope that I tried to help the students who want to learn Pashto.  Here I wrote some of them for you. I gathered them from TV and internet. If you like to work for the unity of our people, we should expand the languages of the world. I know Turkish, Arabic and Persian. I think as long as our people do not have a good educational background, they cannot be advanced. And the language is a key. I was here teacher at high school and college but I prefer to teach in Middle Eastern countries, because there is more need to be learned as here.  Any way I like your class, because I can use the words that I know and can also hear the new words.

But who create these huge worlds? Billion of light years if we travel with the speed of light, it takes billions of years? We cannot understand, because our thinking is limited. Who design all these creatures? All of them came by themselves or by accidents? There is something behind it, that our weak limited thinking and knowledge cannot understand now and make stories about them. In reality we do not know. if Jesus did all these manifest actions, why all people did not believe in Him? Or the 750 bullet which shoot at Bab, why He did not die? Why all Tabriz people did not accept Him? I think there is a power behind this, but we or I cannot feel it or estimate it? But the simple way is we should love each other , help each other and push each other for a better life and general humanity Love. May be one day we can find it and we can answer all our questions. In Persian they say, the Human being can reach the path of God and or can see the God one day, so look how magnificent is the Human being value. The only way that we can now accept ; it respect each other , love each other and work together and not against each other, the energy that we waste for hate, can use for knowledge and education.


Rafigh jan , thanks again and I hope with unit we can save our people from ignorant. You have a proverb in Pashto that the man who has no knowledge is blind. Bi Elme sari rund day.  For this reason I opened a school here in Orlando, in which the students can learn, work and live. It is a huge school with over eight acres, with volleyball court, basket ball, table tennis, swimming, pond for fishing and canoeing, cages for animals, and place for horses and cows.    It is open to all students, especially to foreign student as they do not have a family here. It is a non profitable organization and it does not pay even it costs.  I have no help from government, local government, County, Churches or Mosques or other religious organization.  I try to find motivated people who want to work for the unity of mankind.  Here the students can have agricultural activities, growing fish, chicken and other animal, produce fruits, vegetable , trees and flowers.   That was a letter to a Pashto teacher…

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