The Weak Case for War with Iran

Amid widespread skepticism that sanctions will stop Tehran’s nuclear development and grudging, belated recognition that the Green Movement will not deliver a more pliable Iranian government, a growing number of commentators are asking the question, “What does President Obama do next on Iran?”

For hawks, the answer is war. Last month, in The Weekly Standard, Reuel Marc Gerecht made the case for an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear targets. With the publication of Jeffrey Goldberg’s “The Point of No Return” in the Atlantic, the campaign for war against Iran is now arguing that the United States should attack so Israel won’t have to.

To be sure, Goldberg never explicitly writes that “the United States should bomb Iran.” But he argues that, unless Israel is persuaded that Obama will order an attack, “there is a better than 50 percent chance that Israel will launch a strike by next July.”  And Goldberg’s Israeli interlocutors readily acknowledge that the United States could mount a far more robust air campaign against Iranian nu… >>>

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