We should be united to help each other, the friends in Greece need help

As my Iranian friends asked me to put documents on the Iranian.com , about my boarding school. That is little Iran for all Iranians who need to be here, work and study. A boarding school with a big farm connected to it.

Here I try to put a document.  

To the American Embassy  in Athena    My name is Sahameddin Ghiassi; I am a college/university teacher in Orlando Florida .  I run a language and boarding school in two different campuses. One located at 10420 Lehman Road Orlando Florida 32825 and another one located at 13305 Lacebark Pine Road , Orlando Florida 32832 .  I am the owner and also the president of the school.  The school is altogether over eight acres. There is over one thousand fruit and citrus trees. The two campuses have 4 wells used for irrigation and other purposes. One of the campuses has swimming pool, volley and basketball courts, table tennis, pond for fishing and canoeing.  The school has a great potential for agricultural activities, breeding of animals such as chicken, goats, ponies, geese, peacocks and others. There are also different cages for the animals.  The students can study, live and work at the school where they participate in different activities performed on the campuses, if they like.   I have dealt with all these activities basically by myself. I need a need a good partner to help me with it. Actually, my goal is to teach the Middle Eastern languages to the American students and vice-versa.   I think The students in Athena have the qualifications I need to keep running the school. They have degrees or  BA degree in different subjects and I need people to help me in agricultural activities and I can help them with their  English; they  have difficulties in Greece and I have place and work for them a big school in Orlando and their work and qualifications can support them during her visit or study in the USA.    We will cooperate with each other in order to educate better Iranian youth, so we will have less cultural problem in the future.   I believe the lack of education is the ground for many problems existing now in the world.  We will try to eliminate the hate between different cultures and religions.  That is the main reason I opened such a big school. Mr.  ………was born in …………………………..ID number is ……………….and they have ………….. ………passport number is…………………They will present the documents to you for their education of universities and properties.  They can come here and and visit my boarding school and we can cooperate with each other and work together and exchange students.   We can also combine our experiences together and work in both countries Iran and USA and be more useful for training people in both languages and cultures. My goal is to contribute to a world of peace and better understanding of each other. I think the humanity will be more interested in the welfare of one another. We will contribute to a better generation of human beings with a better view of what life is all about and so work together for the unity of mankind; a better world for our children.  I helped here a lot of American and international students, they can live here in a huge school and they have all possibilities for sports, works and learning.  I save a lot of American students and international students so the society can use them in a much better way.   Yours Sahameddin Ghiassi.     Tax ID 412203918  the owner of the Iranian S American Language and Boarding School in Orlando Fl. USA Tel: 4072819704  University Adjunct professor. sghiassi_fhc@hotmail.com    done Dear ………., I am writing to bring to your attention the horrific inhumane conditions under which Iranian refugees in Greece live every day. As I am sure you are aware, two of the refugees have been on a hunger strike for over two weeks now. Iranians all over the world have announced their support for their countrymen in Greece and are appalled at the Greek government’s indifference to this urgent matter. These refugees have been waiting for years to receive an answer to their asylum request and are forced to renew their applications every six months. The Greek police and authorities routinely abuse and harm the refugees and are not held accountable for such illegal behavior. I am urging you to take action now. You are responsible for the well being of the refugees whose cases are under consideration in Greece . Please know that these Iranians did not flee their homes and families if there was not a real fear of persecution by the government of Iran . You surely know what would await them in Iran if they were sent back now. They have suffered enough. It is time for UN to take action. Sincerely, ·                                 Sign your name
Human Rights Activist or your title
سرکار خانم لاله گرامی من آنچه در توان دارم برای همه بخصوص جوانان ایران خواهم کرد. من معلم هستم و همیشه ربطه خوبی با دانشجویان یا دانش آموزانم داشته ام. اگر فکر میکنید نوشتن یک نامه برای سفارت آمریکا کارها را جلو میاندازد من نامه را خواهم نوشت. راستی اگر ممکن است شماره تلفن خودتان را بنویسید.

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