More Demand for IKCO Cars in Africa

(FNA)- Several African countries demanded Iran’s pioneering car
manufacturer Iran-Khodro Company (IKCO) to boost export of its products
to the Black continent.

The issue was raised during a visit to the IKCO headquarters in Tehran by the officials of several African countries.

(Intergovernmental Authority on Development) Executive Secretary
Mahboub M. Maalim said during the visit to IKCO that both the modern
technology and the active manpower inspire a promising future for Iran.

IGAD executive secretary referred to the high level of logistics of
IKCO as another strong point of this company, and stressed the African
markets’ and specially Somali’s desire for IKCO cars.

Maalim who
is originally from Somalia said that his country’s car market is also
eager to have IKCO cars, and added, “My country prefers to use IKCO
products for individuals and the public instead of those of the

“The auto industry is a good opportunity to improve
Tehran-Mogadishu ties”, he said, and added, “A giant industrial group
like IKCO has bestowed Iran a significant position in the region and
amongst the Islamic countries.”

Also on the sidelines of the
African delegation’s visit, Abdolazim Sadian, IKCO Deputy CEO for export
pointed to demand for right-hand drive cars in the East Afri… >>>

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