Nuclear Power Plant, a boon to a nation or a tool for a government?

Iran’s nuclear power plant is about to be officially inaugurated after years of  being the main subject of some  controversial international arguments. It is indeed a great achievement and a precious impact that can stimulate the crippled and sloppy economical situation in Iran and give momentum to a more comprehensive move towards a viable economy as the main way of representing the true and realistic power of a nation in this modern world , in which the seniors and the juniors have already entered a new era of challenges over the power and economical opportunities. In all , it is  an enormously invigorative element that can brace the bulk of a nation that has unfairly been ignored and deprived of its own rights and assets, should it be used as it must be used.

Who and how is going to be benefited from this unique achievement?

This question, like many other questions during the past three decades, that have been mostly ignored or faced sophistication and distortion by the folly , impertinence  and malice of our so-called leaders, is a vital question; but this question should not be addressed to those  alien  swaggers and dodgers, who now are struggling to hang on to power and continue with their sinister rule over that rich and truly great country. This question must be asked by the Iranian people in a self-referential way of  responsibility and commitment  to work out the depth of the importance of this great achievement and how it is going to be approached.

In this hasty world of  competition and unleashed desires for knowledge and power ,we have to give  our dizzy heads a hard twitch and get ourselves out of the haze of  the hindering and indifferent moments and get hold of the passing moments before it is too late.

Is the Nuclear Power plant going to be a drive in our economy and a beneficial source to all of us and consequently a matter of  true power and pride for our country or is it going to be a lucrative and frightening tool in the hands of some kinky creatures, who are in a hysteric love with power and frenetic challenges? Is this great achievement  going to open a door towards the world community or is it going to shut more doors and tighten  the circle around us? Are we concerned about these things?

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