Iranian Automaker to Export 31,000 Cars to Iraq

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s largest auto-manufacturing company,
Iran-Khodro (IKCO), announced that it will export 31,000 cars to Iraq by
the end of 2010.

A report by the IKCO public relations said on Sunday that the
company has planned to expand its overseas sales in the Middle-Eastern
countries, including Iraq.

The company said that it plans to export $300mln worth of products
to Iraq by the end of this year, but meantime reminded that its boosted
exports to Iraq have already increased IKCO’s market share in the Arab
country by 30 percent.

Samand, Peugeot 405, 206 and Roa comprise a major part of IKCO’s
exports to Iraq, which are mainly used as police cars and taxies. IKCO
now has 18 dealers and distributors in the Iraqi cities of Erbil, Duhok,
Sulaymaniyah and Basra and the company intends to increase the figure
to 29.

Iraq is one of IKCO’s biggest overseas markets. In 2009, IKCO
exported around 20,000 cars to this country and company officials say
that the figure will rise to 31,000 sets in 2010.


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