Why Do the “Bomb Iran” Neocons Want Israel Dead?

The internet has been burning up with responses to Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic cover story on the likelihood that either Israel or the United States will preempt development of an Iranian nuclear bomb by attacking its atomic sites.

Goldberg does not flat-out endorse bombing Iran. Rather, after numerous conversations and briefings with US and Israeli officials, he concludes that there is at least a 50-50 chance that bombs will fly in a year or so.

Goldberg himself does not take a position on whether bombing is warranted or justified. But, given the way he frames the article and his personal closeness to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu — who speaks in apocalyptic terms of the existential danger a nuclear Iran poses to Israel — it is clear that Goldberg sees no alternative to preventing an Iranian nuke, by whatever means necessary. And that includes war.

Strangely, however, the article itself makes clear that the ramifications of a military attack could be dire. Here is the Goldberg scenario:

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