How to Convert to the Baha’i Faith?

There are several major religions out there, but there aren’t many that combine them all together. The Baha’i faith’s messengers include Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammed, with the belief that all religions are one continual movement. Within this progression, “God will reveal His will to humans.” The main idea behind the Baha’i is a unity of humanity, a love of all people, all races and to strive for universal peace


1. Step 1

Read the Sacred Writings of the Baha’i, and become familiar with their “moral standards and laws of personal conduct.” You can find these writings at the Baha’i website (See Resources below) or contact your nearest faith community and they can provide these for you.

2. Step 2

Join online discussion groups of practicing Baha’i (See Resources below) and participate. Feel free to ask questions and voice any concerns you might have. This will also be a great opportunity to connect with a wide variety of the differing sects of Baha’i.

3. Step 3

Make a declaration of faith. This is an essential prerequisite to converting to the Baha’i faith. In addition to providing relevant personal information, it is also an attestation of your commitment to the Baha’i faith. Your declaration is formalized by signing a Declaration of Faith registration card. You can obtain a request form for this purpose by calling or by visiting the Baha’i website (See Resources below).

4. Step 4

Allow a 6 to 8 week processing period, during which time the local Spiritual Assembly processes the Declaration. After you are successfully processed, the Membership Office of the National Spiritual Assembly will record your enrollment.

5. Step 5

Await a notice of approval. Once you receive this, a member of the local Baha’i community or the National Center will contact you, inviting you to participate in Baha’i activities.

6. Step 6

Get involved in the Baha’i assembly, participating in study circles and “fireside meetings” and other religious activities to integrate into the community.

Tips & Warnings

* The specific procedures to convert to the Baha’i Faith will vary from one country to the other. If you are outside of the U.S., you can locate your local Baha’i community by visiting the website of the Baha’i International Community (See Resources below).
* You are not allowed to attend worship meetings (“feasts”) until you fill out a Declaration card, though you can still go to study circles and informal meetings.
* Some of the basic prohibitions that apply to all Baha’i: gambling, using non-medical drugs or alcohol, homosexuality and backbiting.


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