America Cannot Go to War for Israel

mongrel dogs of war are foaming at the bit. For years they’ve cowered
in their damp trenches, bristling in the heat. But they’re back now.
They’ve gathered their sagging flesh and cast their milky, crusty eyes
at Iran. The mongrel dogs of war are planning another war.

Zionists Benjamin Netanyahu, Jeffrey Goldberg and George Will want young
American men and women to attack Iran on behalf of Israel. These are
the same men who wanted young American men to attack Iraq. But Iran is
not Iraq, and many thousands of Americans will die in the next war. This
will not be a cakewalk or a slam dunk. And no enwreathed children will
greet Americans in the streets with lily-white flower petals.

are thousands of Americans stranded in Iraq and Afghanistan, two states
that share long and porous borders with Iran. It’s foolish to think
that if America attacks Iran, those American troops will emerge from the
carnage unscathed. Iran is in no position to engage America in a
conventional war, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t spill much
American blood.

Mahan Abedin — a fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy
School of Government — explains what a Zionist-propelled American war
on Iran may entail:

    The range of predictable responses
available to the IRGC high command include dramatic hit and run attacks
against military and commercial shipp…

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