Green Movement fizzling out

The total incompetence displayed by the Islamist faction of the Green Movement in harnessing the Iranian people’s peaceful mass demonstrations to change the dynamics of tyrannical power structure in Iran is an open secret.

Their lack of planning-essentially winging it-taking an opportunistic reactive posture rather than setting the agenda and being proactive has been evident from the start.

Insisting on working within the framework of existing Islamist constitution, veneration of mass murdering Khomeini and sticking to stale Islamist nonsensical slogans has not help either.

Over a year has passed. 

Many Iranian men, women and children have been killed, tortured and raped. Many of the most capable organizers have had to flee the country; many others are languishing in prisons.  In short the winning Islamist faction has consolidated its power.  

Given the ineptitude of the leadership of the losing Islamist faction and the no holds barred savagery displayed by the Islamist Rapist regime it would be irresponsible to say there is a glimmer of hope for rekindling the peaceful demonstrations.

Now when all is lost, one of the Islamist “opposition leaders”, the former Speaker of the Islamist Congress has in part said:

“ I too believe for the movement to progress forward we need to plan, but in the current situation in which we can’t even have a gathering somewhere without any worries…. This has caused us to not be able to devise a proper future plan of action.”

It is time for the sane world to jettison the Islamist branch of the Green movement.  It is time to tighten the sanctions, call on Iranian people to rise up and overthrow their nuke acquiring messianic Islamist tyrants publicly assuring them martial support and guaranteeing of the territorial integrity of Iran is part of the free world’s pledge to them.

Time is of the essence.

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