Iranian women for hire

The recent IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic paid for expat conference has renewed a question for me which ancillary evidence suggest there are others wondering about the same thing.

To be politically incorrect and as straight forward as possible, at the most animalistic level I can understand those men who hired themselves out as attendees to the IRR expat show.

After all these men would be helping out a system which by virtue of their gender gives them a leg up on everything.  The least of which is the number of concubines they can have or how easily they can legally dump their wives to be replaced with younger ones.  

What really baffles me, and I am certain there are others too, is how on earth women could be among those who hire themselves out to this kind of helping out IRR shows.

The attached link from IRR’s Presidential High Council of Iranian Affairs Abroad contains the names of five Iranian women, all highly educated, all avowedly secular, all self professed feminist and all residing outside Iran who hired themselves out to IRR.

This particular meeting was held while Sakineh Ashtiani was waiting to be stoned to death.

What do these women think of their actions while their sister was waiting to be stoned?

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