The Muslims Are Building a Mosque!

The issue of “The Mosque” has exploded upon us. No longer are
American citizens concerned about the miserable state of the economy; no
concern either for the issue of joblessness, or the aching ever-present
issue, the funding of health care. These matters fade as every citizen
of these states is bound to consider the matter of the Islamic plans.
The Muslims, presumably moderate, presumably unaffiliated with extremist
terrorist groups, have plans to build a lavish, modern mosque near the
area where, on September 11, 2001, nearly 3000 lives were lost. The air
that day was unbreathable with the remnants and debris of the falling
towers of the World Trade Center. The extremist core of the followers of
Osama bin Laden, he, a billionaire prince of Saudi Arabia, a radical
Muslim, fell, on that day, that most defining of all American buildings.

Our American president clearly states that the American Constitution,
and absolutely, the principles upon which our great nation were
founded, demand that these Muslims have a right to build their place of
worship, if such placement is consistent with local law. The Mayor of
the city of New York agrees.

This confirmation of the Muslim right to build comes at a time when
we in America have seen unforeseen waves of potential violence forming.
The new right, the Tea Party, has come dangerously close to advocating

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