Behind Israel’s Fear Of Iran

Truth never works in the oil rich region, the Middle East. There are so much to be neglected by western media which seems to be intendedly trying to make a fuss to push a new war.
They pretty much ignore so many facts and try to mislead the public opinion away from the war crimes that western governments are committing in the world. They hide them behind real-time stories, this time Iran’s nuclear program.

I’ve read some critical articles on Jeffrey Goldberg’s long & misleading report and I noticed none of them really crossed what might be the truth and the real fears of Israel.

Iran’s nuclear program may not be the real thing that worries Israel. By now and with the help of NPT they are aware of what Iran has done.

They know that Iran does not have the technology of nuclear weapons yet. Otherwise the Tehran’s reactor which is used for the medical purpose was not being out of work for some months that the fuel would be getting ended. If a nuclear Iran is really going to worry Israel, it has to be a concern of longterm not a worry of today or tomorrow.


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