Mossadegh: For me there is no difference between Bahai and Moslem we are all Iranian!

This is an enlightening article about the true identity of Dr. Mossadegh. It was published by Abrar, a pro-Islamic government newspaper. The aim is to supposedly discredit Dr. Mossadegh for he has said in an interview:

–For me Moslem and Bahai are no different!

It is quiet amazing that almost 60 years after the coup, the dark collaboration of Black (the Islamic forces of Kashani and other religious traitors) and White (The Shah betrayed his own country in favor of foreign interest), still are trying to say snow is red!   Rather than moving on, accepting their mistakes and providing a vision for future, they want to rewrite their own dark history.

Given the outcome of Absolute monarchy and Absolute Velayat Fagheeh, I suppose if you still subscribe to these reactionary, backward thinking, do you have a choice other than trying to re-write history?

In the article, Hojat-O’l Eslam Falsafi, apparently is trying to say Dr. Mossadegh was not a Moslem, because Khomenei said so.

Falsafi states:  “When the great Imam said, he (meaning Mossadegh), was not a Moslem either (Page 456 and 457 of Saheefeh Imam) some people, particularly intellectuals did not consider this statement as valid.   But it is clear now, that the words of Imam were correct.

Here’s a memory he uses as proof:

— When Mossadegh became prime minister, I met him twice. The first time, me and a group of other clerics went to visit him and he was resting on a bed, under a blanket. We sat on chairs. Mossadegh asked surprised:  Do you still go to Mosque to pray? It appeared he was not aware of religious ceremonies and how they are conducted. Even more strange was what happened in my second meeting. The problem was in cities, Bahai’s have been causing problems, and were showing power! With the order of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, I made an appointment with him and went to visit him. Once I reached him he was again in Bed under blanket. (:) 🙂 🙂 smilies by Aynak). I gave Boroujerdi’s message and told him, you are the head of a Islamic Iran, and now Bahai’s are active in cities and are creating problems for Moslems,  therefore some complaints have been filed by the Moslems to Ayatollah Brojerdi and he thinks it is necessary that you take action.

After my talk finished, Dr Mosadegh –cracked up– and laughed out loud and while making fun of me said:   “Mr.Falsafi, for me Moslem and Bahai are no different. we are all the same nation and we are all Iranian”

This answer was truly surprising for me.   Had he asked me what the difference between Moslem and Bahai is, I would have explained it to him. But with that sarcastic laugh and the follow up answer, he left no room for any further conversation.   So I left and told what happened to Ayatollah Boroujerdi, who was also shocked by what he heard.

—From the  memoir of Hojat o-Eslam  Falsafi page 137-139


That my Iranian friends, is a true Iranian INTELLECTUAL.   One who keeps his belief as a personal matter and knows the rights of all to be equal.   Not now, when it is fashionable, but some 60 years ago.  On the annivarsary of the coup, the above article is appearing inside Iran to supposedly discredit the great Dr for fanatic Hezbllahi, while similar parallel plan is under way by Shah-O-Allahi outside.

 And we have to still, dream about a day, when all Iranian’s regardless of gender, religion, ethinic background, or political belief  enjoy equal and true  human rights.


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