Freedom 1, Islamists 0

If you listen carefully to avalanche of tough talks coming out of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, you will hear that sanctions, as spotty as they are, have started to bite.

In a rambling speech the other day The Head Rapist Khamenei said:

“”If the U.S. puts aside threats, sanctions and its superpower display and refuses to set goals for the talks, then there will be a possibility of talks. But under the present conditions and given the threats and pressures, no talks with be held at all,”

IRR officials constantly claim sanctions are not having any effect on them whatsoever. If that is so, then why its lifting is mentioned as one of the preconditions to “possibility of talks “in the future?

There could only be two answers:

1- Sanctions have begun to bite and worry IRR brass.

2-IRR is using sanctions as an excuse among its bag full of excuses to not hold any meaningful negotiations on the three main issues of contention, its illegal nuke, international terrorism and human rights violation.

In both cases increasing and widening the scope of sanctions is the most prudent route to take.

It is also prudent to publicly pledge to the fed up Iranians should they choose to rise up to overthrow their nuke acquiring messianic Islamist tyrants who want to “manage the world”, the sane world would guarantee Iran’s territorial integrity and materially support them in their quest for emancipation.

Before IRR’s “dash” to impose war on Iran, Iranians and the entire vital ME region, Democracy Central, DC, has to act. Time is of the essence. 

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