Sexual perverts

In any sane part of the world when you hear “Family Protection Law” the immediate assumption would be, as the title implies, it is a set of laws to protect the family. But not in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic ruled Iran.

The Family Protection Law originally proposed by the Islamist Rapists in 2008 has been sent to their Congress for final approval next week. Once approved, having met some iffy conditions a man can legally become a polygamist to his heart’s content.

Ali Motahari is a member of the Islamist Congress and son of Ayatollah Motahari an IRR theoretician infamous for his denunciation of ancient Iranians, their customs and festivals.

Last year Ali in Islamist Congress said: “Polygamy is Islam’s honour.”

It seems Iranian women are about to be further honored by the uber-misogynist IRR.

This is further sad news for Iran, her daughters and also civilized sons who will be unfairly stigmatized as sexual perverts.


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