What happened to my virtue, Mullah?

’ They have looted your virtue. They have taken your moralities away from you. We have to  return your virtue to you at first.’’ This  is what Khomeini said in one  of his first  nonsense lectures. Referring to this and the  recently achieved  forth place in divorce in the world ( Which means the collapse of family values), we should, as a nation of  inherent values, ask ourselves why God and religion have become our plague?  Why we are not going to  have a comprehensive look at ourselves in the mirror of our history? Why we are about to turn into a nation of indifference, submission  and self-annihilation? And above all, are we going to continue in the same way and be the  negligent witness of  our time-honoured values rattling and falling apart day by day?

Iran has recently been ranked as the forth country in divorce in the world! Can you believe it? A society that has been fenced  and guarded by all kinds of  religious tools and religious guardians, now has felt a warning convulsion , caused by a powerful implosion, which undoubtedly and willy-nilly will be followed up by some  really devastating explosions.

As the aftermaths of divorce in Iran are radically different with those of Western societies, it can be taken as the beginning of the moral demise of a society that has already been verged to some irreversible and irredeemable situations. Divorce in Iran means total devastation and mere frustration for the couples and plaintively it means a real disaster for the poor children, who would be exposed to all kind of  diminishing social problems and psychological  twists.

I am not going to go any further with this subject; instead I would like to know more about it from your point of view now that by the courtesy of  God and  the Mullahs we have been honoured to be ranked as the FORTH COUNTRY IN DIVORCE in the world ! What does it mean to us?

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