Castro: US in checkmate over Iran

“The Yankees are in a checkmate, no matter how intelligent they are,” Castro said at a meeting with Cuban journalists on Sunday, where he presented his argument about the threat of a nuclear war.

Castro stressed the destructive consequences of a nuclear war for the world, saying that nobody will survive after such a war breaks out.

According to Xinhua, he said that US President Barack Obama is the one who will decide whether a nuclear war will occur.

“He (Obama) has the constitutional power. He has the say. What he can ask for is only one thing, peace,” Castro said.

In early August, Castro delivered a speech to the Cuban parliament to warn against US threats against Iran and the danger of a global nuclear war.

The former Cuban leader warned in the country’s parliament that an attack on Iran could push the world to the brink of a “nuclear holocaust,” which would take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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