Iran’s military muscle

IRAN’S recent string of military tests, that include a surface-to-surface missile, a drone hitting targets as far away as 1000 km, followed by a high speed missile launching assault boat, are an expected response to Western sabre-rattling. Concurrently, President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s offer of friendship to the US, made at the drone induction ceremony, shows that the country desires to pursue the policy of live and let live and that its military muscle is only meant as a precautionary measure against foreign aggression.
Keeping in view the hegemonistic designs of not just the US, but a hostile West and a thuggish Israel, Iran has every right to make preparations for self-defence. And this need for self-defence gets all the more urgent at a time when the US is unleashing the fury of its military power on Muslim lands with impunity, throwing Afghanistan into a state of total chaos, leaving a trail of destruction in Iraq and bombing Pakistan’s tribal areas with drones, killing countless innocent civilians. The US has been all along eyeing Iran as a soft target; however, it was the latter’s state of preparedness to confront a military threat which has had a deterrent effect on the war plans of the former.


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