Mass of Moments

I’ve got nothing left but time, Ophelia
in these late autumn nights
I have come to measure
the density of darkness
I have come to measure
the mass of moment
the heavy sleepless hours in between
I have come to measure the speed
of my lost lover’s madness.

-Remember him so much
that I am forgotten
Remember him so much, Ophelia,
that the rest have become a myth.

In a dream last night I saw you running
alongside fields of white poppies
like someone suddenly born into colour
I saw sunflowers trying to reach the moon
and the colliding of two heavenly bodies above
the willow growing aslant the brook.

At a predestined moment, Ophelia
I have come to be that weeping brook
turning the waterwheel
with the flow of my tears.

Remove the corck once more
I have come to turn grapes into wine
carry the autumn leaves
into the streams of a newborn spring.

Euphoria blossom, Ophelia
the speed of his madness
my lost lover of leaving
remove the corck once more…

©Shadi A., 2009

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