Israeli group distorting Wikipedia info

An Israeli organization intends to ‘revise’ Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, based on “national and ethnic interests” of the Zionists.

Wikipedia has turned into a key source of information for Israeli citizens.

The ever-increasing popularity of Wikipedia has prompted the Yisrael Sheli organization to start modifying the online encyclopedia’s web pages in line with the ‘Jewish and Zionist interests.’

Yisrael Sheli is offering training courses to teach Israeli citizens how to post information of their choice on Wikipedia, website reported citing the BBC.

One of the founders of Yisrael Sheli says Wikipedia pays no attention to the viewpoints of Israeli people, especially the right-wing views.

Since the very early hours of the Israeli military raid on a
Gaza-bound aid flotilla on May 31, Wikipedia released information which
did not square with Israeli interests, she says.

Wikipedia, for instance, wrote that those who came under attack
during the raid were peace activists while Tel Aviv believed their
action was provocative, she underlines.

Naftali Bent, Director General of the Yesha Council which oversees the resettlement of Jews in the West Bank, says he supports Yisrael Sheli‘s activities.

For example, he says, there is a map of Israel in Wikipedia which does not include the West Bank …

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