Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin & Clear Denial

The recent event put on by Glenn Beck this past weekend, showed me a lot about that portion of middle America that has been getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Yet the middle of these Americans seems to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Boy Oh Boy the world sure has changed for them! What used to be a porcelain complexioned rosy cheeked European immigrant, has shockingly morphed into a range of brown and yellow skinned slant and slit eyed, bushy and dark browed, beard and mustachioed horde of freaking heathens!

It must be very hard for Beck’s White America to sleep these nights!

The reality that the world may have shifted since World War II’s liberation of Europe, or the last time they looked East past the Statue of Liberty, is sinking in faster than the Titanic.

Proof of this paranoid panic attack is Beck’s brilliant simple solution. According to Beck all of this is easy to fix. Restock.. I mean Restore America.

The rambling non-speech surrounding something or other to do with getting back all the Good in America by pretending to make any Bad anyone could possibly find in the Home of the Gravy and the Land of the Free refill, disappear.

Let me stop right here and just say, Glenn. Buddy. America is overflowing with Good. If Good was food, Americans would be obese. Actually most of America is obese so bad analogy. But trust me or anyone from the third world who cannot count on just 3 things in their struggling societies that Americans don’t even have the synapses to fire on. Electricity that runs uninterrupted all day, decent asphalt, and Miranda rights. America has a LOT of Good.

But Beck and his new found halter-ego and partner in fighting crime that doesn’t exist Sarah Palin, think that what’s not broken needs a fixin’. And they’re just the 3 boobs to bring some good old fashioned elbow grease to get this wheel of fortune spinning again.

How do they plan on doing this? Simple! Getting back to that Old Timey religion! All that which has only dis-served America so well in the past. According to Beck all you need is faith and to believe in America (and Santa Clause) again, and everything will be Becker… I mean better.

OK, so No, stop all of this nonsense now. Stop baiting Sharpton and the entire Black community by putting your event on the same day as the Martin Luther King “I have a Dream” speech and feign innocence about it. Because especially if you are trying to say your point is relevant to MLK’s, then you are socialist AND racist.

Getting back to Beck’s event, his main point was wanting to “stop wandering in the darkness” and get back to “concentrate on the good things in America”. Palin on the other hand wanted to “restore America and restore her honor”

I have an idea on just how to do that.

If Glenn Beck wants a list of the Good things about America, he needs to travel outside of it for just one week. I guarantee he will come back with a very long list.

If Sara Palin wants to restore America’s honor, she needs to travel with Beck on the same flight. She will soon see the results of what corporate greed driven badly executed US foreign policy has done to America’s honor. If the US had not put Saddam and the Taliban in power to begin with maybe Marcus Lutrell and three of his fellow Navy SEALs would not have had to “confront the issue of justice and mercy in a decision that would forever change their lives.”

Maybe, just maybe if US foreign policy was checked and looked over by say anyone with a conscience (not Cheney), it would not cause such a mess and damage that an entire future generation would be needed to clean it up.

To see what is right and wrong with America, Beck and Palin need to most urgently visit the world outside America. To gain a real working class perspective on just how well people here are doing as compared to the rest of the world, to see first hand the quantum leap difference in how people in America live, and what kinds of problems Americans have, as compared to what the rest of the world has to deal with.

On the flight over to Get-a-Clue-istan, they need to watch an in-flight movie on the History of the 20th century and fast forward to those parts where the US supported the many oppressive dictatorships and overthrew legitimate democratic governments to favor the few, the not very proud, and then have to call in the Marines (or as I like to call them “America’s Janitors”) to mop up the certain blood.

Comparatively, America doesn’t have a single thing to worry about except it’s rather shameful Foreign Policy, which since Beck wasn’t talking about politics, was oddly off the entire table.

What was on the table instead, was keen and thinly veiled racism that both Beck and Palin espouse ever so delicately, carefully wearing it under their brown shirts, so as to never get caught. Yet Beck was caught. Palin is just one Tweet away from lacing the N-word.

America’s reality is real. As much as Beck and Palin might want it to remain White, America will not be White much longer, because the world is not White.

The World is mostly Brown.

And the Brown World wants and deserves to have as much as America has. And it is increasingly coming here to get it.

You can wish and want and yearn for the good old days all you want, but Jose, Shian, and Hassan are on their way. Their fathers, brothers or uncles are already here, all have Green Cards or US Citizenship, and they have filled out all the necessary forms thankfully printed by the INS in many of their own languages and dialects. You can choose to welcome them as Americans into the community pool of prosperity, or you can sit and stew in your broken down RV in the trailer park of ignorance and intolerance.

Either way, America will change from a Euro-Centric beef and potatoes eating society to a Global nation open to wildly exciting exotic spice-infused vegetarian delights and other ideas.

And lamb. There will most likely be a lot more lamb in America’s future heartland. And lamb is actually quite good. And good for you and your black heart.

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