God did not create the universe, says who?

yes … says who ? 


Do I need Hawking to tell me that how blind he is? 

I have a question …. where the laws of gravity come from? 

The Quran describes gravitational force as ‘invisible pillars’: “God it is Who raised up the heavenly bodies to invisible pillars …..” (13:2). 

‘unseen pillars’, prevents the planets from colliding with each other or falling, is force of gravity, a law to which the Creator of the universe has subjected all of the heavenly bodies….. duh ! 

I am so sick and tired of these so called scientists that think only bible has the answer to everything …….. and if their findings contradict with bible then there is no God …… 

someone asked Einstein ” Do you believe in God?” he replied , ” which God? There are two Gods … one is the one who people have created and one is the one who has created and governs the entire universe ” 

aka darya

PS. to the Quran bashing crowd on this site ….. Oh pleeeeeease give me a break  : ) 

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