Iran, Israel ‘Meet’ at Lebanon’s Border

An Iranian flag flies above a hilltop park overlooking Israel, 02 Sep 2010. The garden was a gift from Tehran to the people of South Lebanon.

The revived Middle East Peace talks are focused exclusively on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  But there are other key actors in the search for an overall peace between Israel and its neighbors.

There is a pretty park on a hillside overlooking Israeli farmland.  Children climb atop a playground equipment here, while adults sit at a picnic table nearby.  There would be nothing remarkable about the scene, except the park is in Lebanon and the flag flying above it is Iran’s.

The Islamic Republic, whose leaders say the Israeli state must disappear from the map, gave the garden to the people of southern Lebanon after the 2006 conflict between Israel and Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, the militant Shi’ite group Hezbollah.

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