Farewell My Stang!

On September 9, 2010, I spent the last few minutes with my White Mustang. Who knew that it would be our last time together. I was on my way home when a truck stopped right in front of us. All I could do was hit the brakes and brace for the impact.

In a matter of seconds, it was all over. The air bag activated and the seat belt held me in place. I saw some smoke coming from the engine and airbag. I struggled to get my seat belt off with my right hand only, as my left arm was injured. I must of used it to brace myself. I had a hard time opening my car door but finally managed to get out.

I still remember as I leaned my back against my car, as I gasped for air. The wind had been knocked right out of me. Next thing I know, my arm starts bleeding and swelling, the bruising begins to show. The man in the truck just stayed in his vehicle looking at me while he witness my struggling. Not once did he come to my help. It was a woman that stopped to help me. She saw me struggle to call my son. She helped me as it was hard to make the call with only one hand. She was so kind. My regret is that I never got her name. May God bless her for all her kindness. She did not have to stop and help me.

Two colleagues saw me and stopped to help. They stayed with me while I waited for Julio to arrive. I am so grateful that they came and helped me to remain calm. We did notice that strangely enough the driver of the truck seemed to have disapeared leaving behind the woman to mainly talk to the police. Very odd indeed.

Julio arrived just in time to see the tow truck take what was left of the Mustang. He took me to the ER to have my arm x-rayed. Thankfully, the x-ray showed that I had no broken bones. They treated my cuts and made sure I had an ice pack to reduce the swelling.

On Friday, Julio took me  to the wrecker place and I signed over permission to the insurance to have the car picked up. I picked up the rental car. Answered many questions made by the insurance agent. I did not go to work, as to give me time to recover. I was not sure, in what condition I would be in so I made sure to have a very reliable Substitute Teacher that my students also like.

I have been at home this weekend, recovering because I want to be back at work on Monday. I really love my job and my students. They will be so happy to see me again. I have so many great things planned for them this coming week.

As for getting another vehicle. Well, I will be taking my time. I am not making any rush decisions or purchases. However, I have decided it is time to buy a truck. A Toyota truck it will be for me. After all, I still have the 1997 Green Mustang.

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