Disgusting Communism – or who is afraid of Lenin, Mao and Stalin?

It all starts with the sad story of a peasant boy who doesn’t have enough to eat, the worker girl who can’t afford medication, and the elderly pensioner who is thrown out of his little cottage. You are made to feel bad about being bourgeois and educated, but not doing anything about those atrocities.  

So you ask the all-knowing comrade, “Can we fix it by social security, by public education or job creation?” No is the answer! There is no use doing all those “soft capitalist” things … only true Socialism leading to Communism can save the world! So to the jungles, the dark rooms and the dark lords we go … to find that ultimate alchemy to cure all the ills of this earth.  

History shows that, you are really unlucky if your dear socialist revolution actually succeeds and you land in the Commie land … I mean real unlucky. Talk about eating one’s own children, because no monster has eaten more of its own children than a successful Socialist revolution! Forget about the old atrocities, as the mind numbing brutality of the new election-less, press-less and merciless utopia makes your old royal enemies look like the best of friends!  

Then after decades of pain and despair, you wake up one day … lying among the 20 million corpses killed by comrade Stalin – the 50 million souls tortured to death in comrade Mao’s cultural revolution “reeducation” camps – the killing fields of their true apostles in Cambodia, comrades Pol Pot and Yeng Sari (the photo). Wake up and see how taking the power of choice, the possibility of ownership and the freedom of speech, turns any community into a zombie nightmare.  

The stench of death and decay is so overwhelming, after sleeping with the murderer commies like the Chaochesque of Romania, Anvar Khoja of Albania and Kim Il Jung of N. Korea … that you can only seek absolution by serving something holy – maybe Allah, perhaps Islam and their glorious representative on Earth: Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei.

Welcome to the Disgusting Socialism … currently broadcasting as the Disgusting IslamioAssLickism!

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