Extended trial and execution list of members of the Islamic Republic.

Please write to your MP/Congressman and damenad for the trial and execution of the following for war crimes:

20. Mohammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi Criminal profile:  Terrorist cleric and
known to be spiritual adviser to criminal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Pleaded
with members of the revolutionary guard and the Basiji movement to
crush the protest movement of June09 using any means possible

21. Ebrahim Yazd  Criminal Profile: Former ‘veteran’ of the so-called
revolution of 1979. Stirred up anti-shah hysteria from abroad and
played a role in the execution of officials of the His Majesty the
Shah’s government. For a long time Yazdi has been the ‘official voice
of the opposition’ in Iran but his blood stained history cannot go un

22. Mohammad Kahatami- Criminal profile:   Former President of the
Islamic Republic and supposed ‘pioneer’ of the reform movement in Iran.
During Khatami’s presidency, Iran had the longest number of political
executions of journalists and opponents of the regime including Dariush
Forouhar and his wife as well as the chain of notorious  chain killings
(Ghatlaye Zanjiri). Khatami was either complicit in the murders or
powerless to stop the killings by rogue members of the Iranian security
forces. Either way, Khatami continued and has continued to defend the
Islamic Republic both abroad and inside the country.

23. Mir Hussein – Mousavi. Criminal Profile: Charlatan and mass
murderer. Mir Hossein Mousavi alongside the deceased terrorist
Ayatollah Beheshti helped found Hezbollah in 1979 and was appointed
Prime Minister of Khomeini from 1981. During the term of his
premiership mass executions took place either with his knowledge or at
his instigation. The early nineteen eighties were the height of 
atrocities committed by the terrorist occupying regime of Ayatollah
Khomeini. Supporters of Mousavi to this day defend his records as Prime
Minister saying that he was powerless to stop executions which then
begs the question that if the real power in the country belongs to
other elements such as the Supreme Leader and Council of Guardians then
why did he mislead people into believing he could reform the country?
Mousavi is a shrewd manipulator of popular mass aspirations and even
though he denounced the regime as being ‘more bloodier than the Shah’
he continues to defend the Islamic Republic he helped establish. There
is no public record of statements made by Mousavi HAVING ever condemned or
regretted the eXCESSES carried out during his premiership

24. Mohammad ali Jafari-Criminal profile:   Terrorist Commander in Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards

25. Mohammed Hejazei – Bigadier Criminal profile:  General of the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

26. Mostafa Mohammad Najar- Criminal profile:  Current Minister of Interior for the terrorist Islamic regime

27. Ahmad Vahidi- Criminal profile:  Defence Minister of the terrorist
regime and wanted by Interpol for a bombing of a Jewish centre in
Argentina which left 85 people dead.

28. Kamran Daneshjoo- Criminal profile:  The so-called minister of
‘Education’. Daneshjoo wants the Universities to eliminate secular
elements which he claims to be ‘subversive’. He added that universities
in Iran must rear students who will be willing followers of the Mahdi
(Imam Zaman).

29. Hossein Taeb – Criminal profile:  Head of the Basiji movement of
the Islamic Terrorist Republic. Blamed the West for instigating
protests and hiring mercenaries to infiltrate the Green protest
movement. Baiji were hated and despised by the Iranian people and one
of its members opened fire and murdered Neda Agha Soltani

30. Mohammed Morandi Criminal profile: So-called Professor of politics
at Tehran University. Defended executions of protesters of summer 09 
and recently the stoning of  Sakineh Ashtani.Dangerous propagandist of
a terrorist Islamic state.

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