DIPLOMATIC CORPS: Abbas Amir-Entezam IRI’s First Ambassador to Sweden (1979)

Abbas Amir-Entezam ( born 1933) was the spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister in the Interim Cabinet of Mehdi Bazargan in 1979. In August 1979 Bazargan appointed Entezam to become Iran’s ambassador to Sweden. In 1981 he was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of spying for the U.S., a charge critics suggest was a cover for retaliation against his early opposition to theocratic government in Iran. He is now “the longest-held political prisoner in the Islamic Republic of Iran”. According to Fariba Amini, as of 2006 he has “been in jail for 17 years and in and out of jail for the last ten years, altogether for 27 years.” (Source Wikipedia)   See Full Size Photos Here:       http://www.iran-amirentezam.com/image/tid/23            
Sweden: A Supermodel for America?:  
Stockholm – The Capital of Sweden:    
    CBN: Malmö, Sweden: Growing Muslim Influence        
(DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this report are not necessarily mine for I cannot vouch on it’s accuracy or not – any feedbacks on the authenticity or not of this report from Swedish citizens muslim or not are welcome)          
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