“Rumor of the Century”

If you do a search of “Rumor of the Century,” you will come up with many articles stating the fact that the Western media is controlled by Zionist liars and war mongers.   The charge or threat to wipe Israel off the map, has been proven to be a Western fabrication yet it is repeated daily in the Western media in order to get the public willing to support another illegal and unjustified war on behalf of Israel.    

Here is a simple search:


Iran has no WMD, no more than Iraq did.  If one looks at the power plant Iran has in Bushehr, it cannot produce enough electricity for a good size city such as Shiraz.  No way to use this facility for rods to make one nuke.  Over 40 countries have bigger nuclear plants in comparison to Iran.  It is time to stop believing all the Zionist liars.  I do not want any Iranians to get killed for lies.  Yes, this includes IRI leaders who have ordered to kill in the name of religion or going against it.

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