That Childhood Taste of Ice Cream

Every web page (Iranian), facebook, … I visit is full of old songs, old photos, …

What is it that connects us to the past? Why do we seek that connection? Do we think we lived in better times before? Or are we just growing old and tend to cling to what is no more?

I have always been fascinated by what we strive to find in the past. I am very interested in ancient past, that which hardly anybody can access. Perhaps it is the mystery that draws me.

But like most of you, I am also drawn to things I heard/saw/tasted when I was a child or a teenager. The taste of food or fruits keeps coming up in conversations. I remember ice cream cones by “Paak”, I loved the chocolate flavour. I have had many more ice creams since, but they have never tasted anywhere near that. Did you ever have one of those?

The taste of food or cold cuts. I have traveled to and lived in ‘cold cut kingdoms’, but nothing has ever come close to the Kalbas sandwiches I had as a child/teenager. Was there anything special about them, or was it just the fresh taste buds of a child that made the food so special?  I don’t know. What do you think?

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