Keep Ahmadinejad AND Rajavi out!

On Sept 23rd Ahmadinejad will be speaking at the UN general assembly, to a larger number of empty seats I’m sure.

One would hope that there would be genuine protests in front of the UN building in support of ordinary Iranians. Sadly it looks as if the protest march will be hijacked by the opportunist, loud mouthed, well oiled propaganda machine of the cultist Rajavi group. Her apologists and MEK supporters trying to hijack the mantle of the Iranian democracy movement. Lets look at their “promotional video” for their rally:

On Sept 23rd, the MEK (or as they like to call themselves these days, “National Council of Resistance of Iran” /NCRI)  will join forces with the famous anti-Muslim bigot, Pamela Geller and her crazy friends to supposedly protest Ahmadinejad’s visit. (It is worth remembering that Pamela Geller is the one who started the ground zero “mosque” controversy, considers Obama a Muslim and propagated a host of other conspiracy theories.)


Having had warm relations with Saddam Hussein for political gain,
now the MEK / NCRI are cozy up with the people who brought you two wars in the
middle-east and advocate a third – Iran. The fascination of people like John Bolton who have supported and attended MEK rallies should give everyone pause about the intention of this group. 

As an Iranian-American I consider this rally a great insult to every Iranian in Iran and the diaspora who cares for truly free and independent Iran.  No doubt the regime in Iran will use the great opportunity that the MEK and their neoconservative friends have provided for them to paint every Iranian in diaspora as Rajavi/ war supporters.

All of this of course is an indication of how delicate the issue of democracy for Iran is. We must stand up and be counted in the fight for Iran’s future or be outmatched by a resourceful, cunning cult who will not hesitate to exploit the naivete of many of us to further their agenda.


MEK says: “Keep Ahmadinejad Out

I say: keep both the Ahmadinejad and Rajavi cult out!


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