Top Ten Similarities Between the IR and the Taliban

10.      They both despise their country’s national heritage and want to replace it withreligious superstition;

9.       They both believe that anyone who criticizes religionshould be put to death;

8.       They both implemented Shria law in place of a civilcode;

7.       They both caused a huge brain drain in the country;

  1. They are both products of the Western powers’ cold war desires to stop Soviet expansion in the oil reach Middle East;     
  1. They both allow foreign terrorist organizations to train and to have operational bases in their country;
  1. They both put ideology over national interest;
  1. They both stone people to death and believe in public executions;
  1. They both force women into a compulsory and oppressive dress code;

1.   They both believe that 7th century Arabia should be the model that their respective societies should follow.

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