A letter to the president of USA, explain the situation in USA.

A letter to the president of USA



Dear Mr. President Obama


I am not a politician but a college teacher and I would like to say some facts to you. As you can see the system brought a crazy man like Sadaam in power and again, because of some issue the regime of Iran had changes. About why the regime of Iran changed there are a lot of experts and they analyzed this. You know that the regime of USA at that time support Sadaam and he destroyed a lot of lives and capital and people futures in Iran. As a human being, he destroyed may be more than five millions lives in Iran, disabled, lost the capitals, or died, killed and let a lot of other people behind. We want to create better lives for the people in the world. But at that time your regime supported him to continue the war and now we read that the regime of USA did not want none of them also Iran or Iraq win. They wanted to sell their weapons and drugs and we lost our lives. Million of Iranian or Iraqi used the drugs, because they do not have other choices. They have no work and they lost their capital and they cannot work. Millions of young people have no work and millions of them came to the West or other countries to be physical workers. Some rich Iranian who brought a lot of money are not my point, or some of very smart Iranian who could get good positions are also not my points. My point is the people who are normal educated people and are misused here also. As a president you should be aware of these facts. You want to destroy the terrorists, but without knowing their routs how can you destroy them. If so many unjust happened in the world and in your country how can you save the people and bring peace and unity in the world? Iranian or other foreign with degree and experience are some how ignored or persecuted mildly here and nobody care.


With the name of religion the people are persecuted in Iran and with the name of nationality they are persecuted here but in a mile form. They are robbed and your system does not care. They do not get jobs, because the other people robbed them. Do you call them just? Your system made mistake and they are punished? Your business people want to make money and more money and we are their victims? They cannot work here , because the people destroyed their lives. You are claiming that some countries are dictatorship and damage the people, but what is happening here? How can we have a better world in the time that we ignore and discriminate other people? We do not know your system and we trust the people or your local government, and they misuse our trust and destroy our life and there is nobody who care? Here is one example. Dear Mayor of Orange County.

My name is Sasan and I am a college instructor for European and Middle Eastern languages and culture. I was teacher in Oviedo High School and Seminole Community College. A lot of students asked me to have private lessons or classes, but my house in Oviedo was small and in sub-division and the home owner told me it is not legal to have students in the house. I went to Orange County and discussed the matter with them. They told me if I buy a house in the County they will give me the permission of a boarding school, so the students can learn, go to university and work in the farm of the school. I thought that is very good and I did this, they gave me permissions and occupational license. I put all my saving, effort and money in the projects. I could help the young people and with the time I could even have a degree programs. I planted by myself over 1000 trees in the lot and build a lot of cages for growing chicken and goats and other animals. I had a pond and tried to grow also different fishes there. It was a non profit organization and my goal was to help the students and young people to survive. I feel myself and a spiritual father for the young people as I was a teacher from Iran and trained in this way.

But sorrowfully the zoning department which gave me permission found out that the make a mistake and what they did is against the law. So they cancelled my permission and occupational license. For them it was a mistake and they corrected it and it was fine for them, but for it was a disaster and I was totally destroyed by their mistake. I lost over 800,000 dollars which was mostly money from credit cards and banks. I was forced to rent the house to regular people, but these people destroyed the house, tool the materials and did not pay the rent. You know that the police or Sheriffs are not so serious and I do not want to say useless, but they do not go after the thieves seriously. I have a lot of damages from this side also. The people think I am rich and rob me and take what ever they want. Recently they took over 40,000 materials, AC, refrigerators, washer and dryers, tools and furniture plus a lot of damages. My question is do I have any security? If the people rob me and the system is so indifferent or how can I pay my bills? I could not pay my bills, because the people did not pay me. I get bad credits and now I passed all the exams to be hired for Afghanistan or Iraq, but they do not hire me. The people robed me and destroyed my business and I should be punished for their robbing activities? Is it fair and just? The Orange County department made a mistake and I have to pay for their mistakes. They told me they will help me and I can have some funds, because I am teacher and minority. But it was not true? With forty years experience as a consultant, translator and teacher I cannot be hired and the people robbed me totally. Is it just?

I feel discriminated and ignored, because I am not born here. I feel the Country Wide and Orange County cheated and misused me. I think the police do not help me as they should. I must pay and the people robbed me. That is a chaos and that is even you cannot see such confusion in the jungle? I cannot hired attorney as they want 200 dollars per hour, how can I pay and what should I do. With all my expertise and experiences; I feel useless and ignored here. I wish to have a solution for all these problems caused by the mistake of Orange County. If they did not that mistake I was teacher or sub teacher and could work now in Iraq or Afghanistan easily. Yours


Soon or late everybody will be the victim if the Just does not work. How the honest people can survive if the system is so indifferent or cruel to them? If the system do not support the crazy people like Sadaam or does not bring the people like him to the power, because they want more benefits, we can survive much easier. If the leaders of the world help the people, we will solve the problems easier. The greedy person who wants to do business and rob, destroy the people and the world. The insurance companies are robbing companies, they charge too much money, but if you need them, they have thousand of excuses not to help and not to pay. The good people are punished and the bad people have a way to run. Your court system is only for rich people and if the normal people are robbed, they cannot use it, because it is too expansive and too much paperwork. There is no organization which can help people who robbed and are destroyed by your American professional criminals. Your judges are more after the papers as after the just. As if they are just like robots. They do not go after the facts, but after the words and formats. If you forget a name or a point, which is more important than if you are robbed and destroyed. Do you think there is any future for honest people in USA? I doubt.


If president Ahamdi Nejad said part of your government did the September eleven, so how the system was involved. How trained Ben Laden? Who sent money to them to fight with communists, young communist in the government of Afghanistan who were even working good for the people and they were not after corruptions and stilling. They wanted to work for the people, but only the name of communist destroyed them. Your country are spending billions of dollars for the fight of terrorists , but they do not care about why terrorists are growing or exists, instead of destroying the rout of terrorist you are just cutting their extra branches. Do you think if in the world is Just and the young people or the people have job and fair payments and nice environment, they will be attracted by terrorists? The USA destroyed the Iraqi army and police forces. Do you think that was right? They could just keep the body and change the heads of the army or police forces. To change some generals, the army or police could work for the nation. An American young soldier without knowing the language and culture cannot be effective there.

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