To Faryar & the Bahai Internet Agency

This message was flagged on Faryar Mansouri’s blog so I have deleted it from his blog and made it one of my own. Its content  are also crossposted to USENET.

Faryar, I know you don’t know Arabic and so couldn’t work yourself
through a single sentence of the Bab’s Arabic. You are nothing more than
a parrot and shameless know-nothing sectarian propagandist who only
repeats what others tell you to say. I also happen to know that Sepehr
Manouchehri does not know enough literary Arabic to translate the Bab.
My 19 Commandments has nothing to do with  it even though I
happen to think it is a far better statement on the greater perspective
of things than the combined total of Mirza Husayn ‘Ali Nuri’s empty
proclamations squared.

That aside, I would be happy to go through the Bab’s Will and Testament
with you in the original Arabic word by word, sentence by sentence. We
could also maybe invite a few mullahs from Iran to referee the
discussion here since they would obviously like to see the end of both
of us and don’t have any stake in the  outcome of the discussion other
than to see both of us humiliated.

What do you say? Ask Moojan Momen and Ahang Rabbani to come here as
well, and if the discussion can be free of attempts to censor or stifle
it by your lot, then let me show all of you schmucks once and for all
that where the Bab’s Will and Testament is concerned you people are fuller than a waste management plant backlogged and so don’t have a leg to stand on. 

And, yes, you have been commanded to obey Me 🙂

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