Could Canada Help Release Hossein Derakhshan?

In an interview with On the Media [see link], Bahari explains that Hossein may have been promised by the Ministry of Intelligence that he’d be able to return to Iran safely. (Hoder began his blogging career supporting reformist politicians. Later in his career, he became concerned that the Bush administration would invade Iran, and he became an outspoken supporter of Ahmedinejad.) Once he returned to Tehran, members of the Revolutionary Guard chose to arrest Hossein, perhaps to send a message to anyone who would use digital media to organize politically. Bahari describes Hoder’s situation as “a clear case of the internal battle between the Revolutionary Guards and the Ministry of Intelligence.” …If Bahari is right, he’s suggesting a possible strategy for the groups trying to advocate for Hossein’s release: pressure Canada. Specifically, the Honorable Lawrence Cannon, the minister of Foreign Affairs. Contact information for his office is here. [see link ]…


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