Young! fast! praise god, we are Iranians!

During the early 1980s, the Boston-based hardcore punk band “FU’s” had an underground hit single called “Young! Fast! Iranian!” It was loosely based on the Iran-Iraq War and conflict in Lebanon. Below is the YouTube clip of the song and lyrics.

I think it was 1982 or 83, the song happened to be playing on the college radio station. Just then, my Iranian dad walked in, listened, and burst out in chuckles. My dad listening to hardcore punk rock: that’s an amusing memory.


Young! Fast! Iranians!

Hey, look me over; I’m a son of Iran

And the word of the prophet’s in my blood.

And you can keep on clutching your flag and your bible
’cause it’s not gonna do you any good.

On the day I was born, lord, my momma cried out,

“all these infidels are really gonna pay!”

’cause I’m a holy mf’er and a yank-killin’-rocker

And I’m ready for martyrdom today!

Young! fast! Iranian!

I’m going to the border,

Never comin’ back.

Going to the border

For a suicide attack.

Come on baby, tie your veil down tight,

I’m a one-way rocket to paradise tonight

We are young! fast! praise god, we are Iranians!

Hey, hit the peddle I’m a ready to roll.

There’s a holy war a-callin’ my name.

When i hear ’em prayin’ lord, I lose all control.

It’s got my trigger-finger starting to shake.

Well pass that koran, get the radio on.

It’s time to listen to our favorite dj!

We got the rockin’ ayatollah and he’s burning it down

Twenty-four hours a day!

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