How can we have a better world? (Part one)

How can we have a better world? (Part one)  The greedy people control the world. Do you think it is right? This real story has been written by me about ten years ago. Today I read them again and corrected them. I will write them in a series of stories. A company wanted to make a movie from them. But I told them, I prefer to be edited first by people who have idea about the problems of Middle Eastern countries.

I do not know from where I should start my real story but, I hope that my story will help humanity. As many other writers wrote a lot of stories for humanity and the unity of mankind. I will try this, too. Our lives are connected with each other lives and with the politic in the whole world. The system which is controlling the world or is running the world can affect the lives of all people in the world, from poor to the middle class people or even rich, but generally the rich people are in good condition always.  The power and money that they have will support them some how.  

My name is Amir. I was born in Iran in a family of two religions. My mother was Bahai and my father was Moslem. When you are in a family with two different religions, especially, when the believers of these religions are not friendly to each other and they do not accept each other, it is very hard to survive. And you will have a lot of problems. I know a lot of friends of mine with two different religions and as I have spoken with them, they have all almost the same problems like me, so I thought if I write their or mine stories, it will may help the society to be more nice to each other and especially do not tease or bother the innocent children who born in those family, they had no choice they born in a family with two religions and must suffer from both sides sometimes. . Sometime they will be misused from both members of the both religions. If they, the families are very rich and powerful, it is not so important and the people will respect them, but if they are middle class, they will have problems, and they can survive if they are rich and powerful.

The problem exists when they are middle class and are not very rich and powerful. As I was a university teacher in Tehran, I had a lot of students whom I loved very much like my own children and tried to help them as much as possible. I had a very nice and good friend he had a lot of good business in the Shah’ time, and he was a successful person in the old regime of Iran, he was very close to me and I shared my life with him. So he knew all my life. His wife has died of cancer and he had six children. Most of them were teenagers and very young, also elementary or middle school children.

After the revolution in Iran, his business was stopped. The people occupied his buildings and business and he was in a very bad shape. His company was not working as the system has been changed. His partners have gone to other countries and left him behind. I was teacher of his children and he asked me in my free time to go to his house and help his children, as he said he trusted me to let me in his house with his daughters and sons. I did my best and helped them with their school materials. My classes with his children were three to four hours sometime, so during the classes or in the end of classes, he came home. And than the children and their grand mother prepared a dinner and all of us eat together, and I drove back home.

We get closer and closer to each other. He said all his friends and families have gone to other countries and he has no one to help him. He came to my house and called the people in other countries and said his telephones are controlled by the government. And he prefers to call from my house.  I did not what he is doing, but it seems that he is trying to help his children and get some income to support them. He said always if he had a good friend, he could come out of this situation much easier. He said “Amir You are working in the German Embassy School and have a lot of German rich friends, why you do not ask them to give us some money to repair my house and rent it?”  I will give it back in 20 days. And he wrote also a letter to me that he will give the money back in just 20 days.

He had a big, six story building in Tehran, in Behjatabad, which has been occupied by people who called themselves poor people, who have misused the revolution for their own benefits and occupied other people houses free and sure they started also to destroy and damage the houses. He tried and sent them out of the house, because he knew the people in the ministry of just and they helped him and guided him to get judgment against them. But they damaged the whole house totally, so the house needs badly repair. He asked many times and said, “Amir, I need money for few days. As soon as I repaired the house and painted it, I can rent it and will pay you back quickly. You can see yourself the big building, is totally damaged and need repair. It can be rented quickly, there is not problem at all. Help me please. You have a lot of European friends and they make a lot of money here in Iran. I heard a teacher make about 10,000 Mark in month. They like you and know you very well. I need about 50,000 Mark, to repair the whole building and will pay you back just in 20 days. Please do it for me, for us for your students, my children. You see they learn so good, give them more possibilities to learn. If I have enough money form the rent, I can use this money for them to be better educated; you are a teacher and are not indifferent with your students. Get DM from them, I will sell these and change to Toman and repair the house in less than one month. I promise it. Believe me. “

He cried many times so bitterly, and gave his word to me. He promised many times that he will pay me back in just 20 days. He gave me the documents of his houses and the passports of his children and other documents and asked bitterly for help. He wrote even letters that he will give me the loan back in 20 days. With the introduction that he was always very nice to me and his children were polite and friendly and learn very good and with all documents that he was providing for me plus the promises that he did every time. I asked my German friends for 50,000 DM for 20 days and gave him the money. He gave me a receipt in Tomans, Iranian money. I was happy that I have helped a friend in a bad situation. He repaired his house and now he was saying that he cannot find customers to rent the apartments. I should help him, to find customers for his apartments, so he can pay the money back. The prices that he was asking me to help him and rent his apartments, was two times more than he was asking himself to rent. So it is clear that I could not rent his apartments and he could rent easier by himself, as his offer half price. Any way after 20 days he was not able to pay.

He asked me if I can ask my friends to give him 2 more months’ time. I had no other chose, and asked my German friends to give me more time to pay them back, so I gave him two more months to pay off. I believed him and I thought he is trying very hard to keep his promise. After that he asked for 6 more months’ time. I thought he is trying to keep his words. This time my German friends did not want to wait, so I get some money from my relatives and my father-in-law and sold some of my properties to pay my German friends their money back. I still believe that he will not let me down and will keep his words. After 6 months, he asked for one year more. And later for two years and one day he said, he may give his loan tomorrow or in 10 years.

And as he sees that I was very upset, he said you have the documents and the country have laws, go to the government and ask for help. He was tried from my patient and wanted to release himself. Now I his best friend, that he said before he is willing to die for me, did not have any interest about me and my hard situation. Go out of my house and do what ever you can. The country has ministry of justice and I gave you enough documents to go after and pushed me out of his house. That was the end of our friendship for him. He sold me with the loan. Than we fight with each other and he called his children for help. I came out of his house and was covered with blood. I went to his nephew house and asked him for help. He took me to a friend’s house who was a medical doctor and from there, I went home.

After reaching home and resting a little. The door rang and two police officers were there to take me to police station. After I left his house he gather his relatives and said that I have attacked him and they confirmed his words, than he went to the police station and ask them to capture me. Now the two officers came to my home to take me to the police station. I spent the night there until; I was released by my father-in-law properties documents. Now he was willing even to damage and kill me. He wrote a letter to the revolutionary courts and said that I am a Bahai and tried to be a university teacher to teach the innocent Moslem students to change their religion. Than he went to other courts and said that I have cheated him.

Mr. Ghasemkhanian, or Ghasmkhani, and Mr Safarian , or Safari the two government prosecutors and state attorneys were against me and took his side. That is funny, he got so much money from me and I had documents and his son’s checks but he was saying that I owe him money. His words were accepted. I went and filed against him, too. But my words and claims against him were sent from one court to other court and nobody has interest to read them. But whatever he said was considered and I was sent to jail. After I come out of jail, I tried to go to the highest level  rank people to get my right. But the police stations could not find him. They could find me easily, but they could not find him or his son who wrote bad checks. He said that I must pay him, because he spent money for me and he gave money to me. In the country that you have check from one person, he claims that I owe him, and his words is accepted and the system goes after his claim, not after mine?

The justice system took all his words seriously, but my word and claims which was true and I had documents for them, was not important. With other words, the justice system was after me, not after him. I wrote my story in the newspapers and went to very high level people and my old friends to get some help from them. He wrote that I was Bahai and try as a university teacher to change the religion of my innocent Moslem students. What is happening in Middle East and other countries is connected with each other.  The people who run the world will destroy the Middle Class people as they do not need them.  They want rich class and poor class people so they can command easier.  Do not say that is not my problems; you saw that they have possibilities even to kill three thousand people in one time in USA. The terrorists who are killing their own people on the streets; do you think they will not kill your children on the streets also.  A mighty hand is behind this; they brain washed people with a huge program.  They want to reduce people and eliminate the middle class people who cannot be easily being their slaves. They do not send their own children to kill the people; no they send poor young brain washed people with the best possible salary and the best weapons into the street to kill the children of middle class people.  They kill them why? Because they (the young people) want freedom; they do not want to be slave any more.  They want to be educated and know about the science and people in the world.  They do not want to be slaves and be obedient to multi billionaires who claimed to be also religious. Like the sheikh in Arabian country. They claimed to be Moslem and they live in the houses of gold and silver or ivory. Their cars are made of pure silver completely. They with the cooperation with some West companies destroy the people lives and they live in super luxury.  You see the people gave money and weapons to Alghaede or Taliban to fight against Communist and you helped Taliban to be against Socialist; later may be; it seemed they are out of control and they wanted to eliminate middle class people in USA also; and hit the USA and killed innocent normal people.  After that they put bomb everywhere and they killed again normal regular people.  They distribute drug to the young people; and as a teacher in USA I saw a lot of young innocent people using their drugs. With all possibilities that American youth had to be educated, they guide the youth in a wrong way; the teacher cannot push them to learn.  They are free not to learn and we are not allowed to guide them properly. Later they (these young people, students) are using drug and sitting in the jail. They bring up sick people to such a power and money that they think they are God and they think then those they are different from the other people.  The man who was a poor person few years ago; now had billions of dollars and he is ready to do what ever they command him. The people are trained to say that is not my problems that are the other people problems.  

To be indifferent is the sign of what those people want; today you are indifferent that they killed your neighbor; few days later they come back and will kill you. Do you think the people who kill Neda in Iran; cannot kill your daughter here in the USA?  First they start to kill the Mojahedin; the people said I am not Mojahedin so I am safe.  Later they killed Fadaiyan.  (The Mojahedin were half socialist and half Islamic and Fadaiyan were more socialist.)  The people said; I do not belong to this group so I am safe.  Later they killed Iranian generals and high officers and even little sergeants.  The people said I do not belong to them.  I am OK.  Later they start to kill Bahai and, Jewish and Christian, the people thought they are Moslem and they are safe.  Now they are killing Moslems dervish, sofies.  Do not thing they will stop just by killing Moslem in Middle East, they will come to you. With bombs and may be with nuclear bombs. Do you think the people who are willing to kill their own innocent people , who want a little bit work and freedom and some share of billions of billions money in their hand ; they will not kill your European and American not Moslem  children.  Their girls are covered in veil and they are Moslem and they do not have boy friends and they are generally virgin; and in their mind; they are even clean girls and boys.  They (the girls or boys) are not allowed to show their beauty and go to sport places and have some fun.  They are so innocent like your 2 years daughters; but they are killed brutally on the street, because they want a little bit freedom and they want their vote be considered. Your daughters have boy friends in the time they are 15 and most of them are not virgin in the time they are twenty.  So all your boys and girls who have sexual contact, before marriage should be killed by them, they think so and act accordingly. 

Terrorists think so and they are brain washed by the business people who want confusion in the world to make more money and sell their weapons. The people who cannot tolerate a little bit freedom for their own people; do you think they accept such freedom in the US and other countries. Do you think these terrorist who have billions of billions dollars will keep these money for Love and Unity and will open universities with these monies or build houses for poor or hospital for the needy ones?   The people who go on the streets without veil are sinners for them.  The people who have sexual contact before marriage are sinners also.  They kill these types of people in their own countries.  Do you think they will made any exception about your people?  The people who beat people; who hold their each other hands in the street, and they will be punished seriously,  do you think they will forgive your children to dance and have fun with each others?   They want to dominate people with their own thinking and cultures and they do not respect other cultures and thinking.  They think if they kill your people they will go to paradise and will have there beautiful women and angels over there, the hurries who are always virgin and after each intercourse they get together again and their pussy change to a virgin pussy.  The heads of them who have billions of billions dollars will buy the innocent brain washed young people and will train them to kill everybody who does not think like them. 

Officially they killed over 200 Bahais recently, 10 young women and innocent girls are killed in Shiraz, their crime was only to be Bahai or simpler to be born in a Bahai family .What can they do as they born in a Bahai family.  Some of them agree to write in the newspapers that they are not Bahai and Bahai is a bad religion and Bahai and is made or created by British or Russian; they forced to write so.  These people had mothers or fathers who were Bahais, but they were forced to write article in the newspaper against their own parent’s religions.  Their parent may be were more happy if they have been killed as a Bahai, and not had written these articles in the newspapers, but these young people did not do this; they wrote against Bahai religion in the newspapers. They have decided so. But still they are not accepted as a Moslem. They killed a lot of their own people who were some how against them or a little bit moderate.  Millions of Iranian have been killed by them and millions Iranian have been forced to go out of Iran.  They cannot tolerate them.  Do you think; they can tolerate your cultures and your behaviors?  If you do no support Neda and people who want a little bit freedom. You will be the next target.  The fire starts the wood will be burned, good wood bad wood, wet wood and dry wood all of them will be burned.  The world is small now. We see each other lives every day.  The world should be full of Love and Unity and Just.  Unjust in one country can come to other countries very easily now. Your media in the Shah’s time made the Shah a very bad personality. Every day the BBC , Voice of American, Deutsche Welle give a lot of bad report and bad history about the Shah, in the time that they said that they are reading the letter of listeners , they just read letter which wrote bad about Shah and good for the others.  They did the opposite action to Khomeini people, that he is a philosopher and he is a great scientist and had huge knowledge about the world, and he said, he will make water, buses, and energy free for Iranian and each Iranian will get his portion from the oil money. .  I respect him as a clergy man. 

But he had no experience and knowledge about running a country and did not know about the problems of the country. He was commander in chief and he had no knowledge about military, how can he occupy a place of four or five stars general without any military background?  The Sadam attacked Iran, because he thought Iran is destroyed by Khomeini people. The newspapers say that Mr. Jimmy Carter gave even a lot of money to Mr. Yazdi in the time he was in Paris and Mr. Yazdi used this money for advertisement against Shah and for Khomeini, even Mr. Regan Ronald said that Mr. Cater made a mistake, he change Shah to other people, the Shah was a good friend of USA and he helped us a lot in the Middle Eastern problems. Maybe Carter was regretted of what he did and he wanted to crash Khomeini, but it was late, so they supported Sadam to destroy the new regime of Iran. Eight years war without any result was the gift from the West to Iran and Iraq. The West played with us and they gave so much weapons to each side that none of them could win. All of us even the people who were not against the old or the new regime have been punished.  They took our wealth and send us without anything to other countries to be physical workers.  Our generals and academic people are mostly physical workers in the West.  Is it just? But the people were quite; and now they even do not like the part of their own people. They fight with each other. Why?   The people, who are Moslem but a little bit moderate, do not like the system, too. The very radical Moslems are not tolerate other people. They are just wants the total authority.  They dream to have a river of blood of the people who are not obeying them completely.  They believe only they are believers and other people are not believers and should be killed.   As they kill Moslems, so do you think they will not kill Jewish, Christians, Bahai or Buddhist?  Now it is a time that the people in the world are together and against these bad habits.  And work together for Love and Unity and support the people who are suffering for these problems and do not say that is not my problems; it could be soon or later also be your problems. 

 I hope we will have a better world for our children in which our children can learn to respect other cultures and religions, races, and nationalities. I hope the time that we are indifferent or cruel is over Now.  Viva the people who work for humanity, Love and Unity.  Do not let that the blood of Neda, Mona and millions other people be a Waste.   I hope the time that we should live and act like hungry wolves are over. Please, stand for Unity, Love and Just.  The system in the world helped the terrorists; now they should help the people be free from terrorists.  If you do not; you are the next Target and next Victim. Now every body knows that the West for their own benefit trained and support the terrorists. Now they should work together to bring peace and unity in the world, so the world will be even better and safe for the West also.  The story will contniue

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