Going nuclear: Arab-Iranian fissure

Schisms in Arab-Iranian relations litter their common history. None perhaps threatens calamity for both sides more than the fissure over Iran going nuclear. However, in Arab-Iranian relations the fusion of religion and politics is more of a quandary than the nuclear fusion Iranians seem to be seeking.

This is not a time for the Arab side to melt from the heat of Iran going nuclear. This is a time to put intellectual and political wisdom before irrational machinations against the ‘other.’

In the Mausoleum of Arab-Iranian History

The pages of some Arab dailies have for over a year been drumming up public hysteria over the Iranian nuclear project. Many opinion formulators such as on the pages of ‘Al-Sharq Al-Awsat’ have been itching for a war with Iran for some time. By deploying a psychology of fear and ‘demonization’, Arab war-mongers impel their audiences toward a stand-or-die attitude in the defence of entrenched and often mindless positions.

To this end, some hawkish voices risk mortgaging Arab, Middle Eastern and World futures to yet a new war perhaps through an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear installations. As if Iran, Israel, the Arab world and Western countries need another conflict! The politics of Armageddon must not be viewed as the healing ointment for relieving the problem of Iran going nuclear.

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