Motherhood Continues

About 8 years ago I posted a short on this site about going to Iran to adopt a baby… well here we are almost 9 yrs later. On that fatefull trip, i met a 3 month old little boy named Sohail, which today I call my son! He was tiny, pale skinned, but smiled at me when I first held him that first time. It was a hard journey to bring him out of Iran, and call him our own, but compeletely worth every tear, and heartache. Adopting from Iran is not for the faint of heart, but for those filled with the love of being parents.

I wanted to post something that had nothing to do with the “politics” of Iran. I know my journey to becoming a mother for the first time, and that of many of my friends, and its all the same. You meet a man (or you don’t) fall in love, create a home, work a career, then this urge/ nagging feeling hits you out of nowhere! A feeling so powerful, consuming that you will undergo any medical treatment, days of injections, an emotional roller coaster, hours of pain… for that end result, to hold a baby in your arms and someday have someone call you “mommy”.

My story was a little different. I met a wonderful man in my twenties that I fell madly in love with, tried to have his baby for 8 years, suffered 2 miscarriages, and finally decided at his urging that it didn’t matter “how” we became parents, that we just “became” parents and loved a being other than ourselves, and thats how we ended up in Iran….

Sohail is the light of our lives, and he lives up to his name. He is truely our morning star. It hasn’t been easy, but being a parent never is. Today he is a big brother to his twin brothers (which I had all by myself, biologically!) and loves his nintendo, his friends, grandparents and just life in general. So you see it all works out in the end somehow, and we all have to think of the “bigger” picture which is being true to ourselves and the country we so love!

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