I hear the news about iran EVERY DAY from radio 670 and other places, but i personally think, i hope i’m wrong. that iran is IN FOR A CIVIL WAR, why?  Because 3 years from now when maamood aamadinijaad’s (as that’s how they pronounce his name on american tv) term as president is over, people will most likely boycott the next election and although i can’t exactly predict what’s gonna happen, i’m sure something MAJOR is gonna happen. Now in case the government falls, THERE’S A GOOD POSSIBILITY OF IRAN SPLINTERING since there’s no single person or replacement, like there was 30 years ago, someone who people can rally around. Moussavi and Karroubi’s fan-base is A-NOT SOLID B-LIMITED TO IRAN’S FARSI AREAS ONLY,  so in light of these facts i WONDER what will happen once TOHFEYE AARAADAN’S term is over, ARADANIN TOHFASI. this is one thing that most people DON’T SEE COMMING, but i try to think ahead.

with the rate at which they have been enriching uranium it’s gonna take iran another 17, 18 years to get to bomb-grade uramium ,so this is all gonna happen before they finish this nuclear program. unless they have had a secrete program that we don’t know about, in any case the nuke program is out of the equation here.

please feel free to share your comments.


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