Our Priorities: Anal Sex and Orgasms

Recently, I posted an article about a report on sexual habits, which had the title of  Experimentation, orgasms, and the rise of anal sex.  It was posted in the News section of the site.  Now, as we all know, News items don’t have as many readers as blog or article entries.  To add to the dynamic, this post wasn’t even featured.  Nonetheless, since it was posted nine days ago, it has had an astonishing 1776 hits.  In comparison, on the same day, this news item was posted about the fate of Iranian refugees who have fled the country after the post election crackdown.  That post, as of today has had 169 hits.  I assume that we can all agree on which post really deserves more attention (hint: NOT the anal sex one).

So, the question is: where are our priorities?  Anal sex is more important that our fellow countrymen and women? Don’t get me wrong, I am al for a diversity of articles and reading material, but this site is ultimately a site about Iran and its affairs.  And in the current situation, with sanctions, threats of war and refugees, should a post about anal sex get that many more hits than one about refugees—or more hits than other articles, blogs and news items about Iran?  Is this an indication of where our priorities are? 

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