The thieving Jews

Recently the Persian service of BBC aired a report on the Persian artifacts owned and displayed by the Jerusalem museum in Israel.

As ancient and not that ancient Iranian artifact go, the small collection Israel has does not come close to what other museums have including the British, French, German and many others.  

But according to the state broadcasting in the messianic Islamists occupied Iran, the BBC report reveals the insidious ulterior motive of “the Zionist regime”, that is the Jewish sate of Israel to non-anti-Semites.

You see to become less “objectionable”, the Jews, aka “the Zionist regime” do some international thieving.  

“to create historical facts about itself, the Zionist regime having no history or culture of its own tries to steal historical artifacts from other countries including Iran.”

I know the messianic Islamists like to deny the existence of the state of Israel and at the first opportunity “wipe it off the map”.  But denying written history, a one that dates back as far as man knows, is just too nutty even for the nuke acquiring rabid Islamist fruitcakes.


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