Why the world is so confused and why everything does not work as it should be?

Why the world is so confused and why everything does not work as it should be?  If you read the newspapers you can see that in the whole world the condition is not good and all people have problems, only different problems. But the people are also very indifferent and as soon as they do not feel the sharp sword under their necks or the weapon pointed on their cheats, they stay indifferent. They say or think that is not my problem, why I should bother me with that problem. That is not my business and the other people are the victims of that problem. Not me.  In the middle eastern countries in some of them the huge problem is women and acting with force against the people who are not religious.  If some hair of a woman is out of the veil or scarf that is a big problem and the woman will be taken to the police and court and a lot of people will be involved with this huge problem. The hair of woman if it comes out, bring a lot of damages and problems in the society.

The other problem is the dress or cloths of the women, the colors of their dress which is another big issue for the government and they want to have a ministry or a secretary of the colors of women dress, they should hire scientist to work on the colors and see which color is safe for the women and the men do not get erected or interested in them.  The sex is also a big issue, if you have no money you cannot have any sex or love affairs, but if you are rich there is no problem for you. The poor people should not have it and should masturbate or forget about it. But self sex bring also a lot of problems, the boys will be very aggressive and angry and they get sick and they will tease their parent a lot. Some boys who have no encourage to go and fight with the enemies or fight for their rights, they tease just their parents or their younger brothers and sisters.  The women sport is another problem for the government. The women should be always covered and they cannot use bicycles or be free, they should be more and less passive in the society to be safe. They do not like their positions and most of them are against these cruelties to them. The other problem is the style of hair of young men and also the prayers and fasting. The people are forced to be religious and obey their laws.

They are big problem that the middle eastern countries are facing and the other problems like having no jobs, no universities, no future and no house, no husbands and wives and the inflation is second hands problems.   It is clear those are the problem of middle class or upper lower class, the people who are connected with the government have everything and they are supported and they are indifferent with other people problems.  They do not want to think these problems until these problems came to them. In that time it is too late and nobody will help them. So they were indifferent in the time that their neighbors had problems and now the neighbors are indifferent with them. With other words to be indifferent run the society so far and nobody care what is happening to the next man. The gap between poor, middle class and rich or very rich gets bigger and bigger.  The rich get their richness Dom generally through illegal way. And so the poor should suffer more and more. The system is so prepared that they get more money, but in the time for tax as they have a lot of influence they do not pay a real tax. And that is the middle class who should pay actually their tax.

They pay easily bribes and the government employees are in their side. So the middle class should pay all his income for tax or bribe and get soon poor.  The police is a useless system is more or less like a dull, and they are clever and try to be also indifferent and flee from the duty and try to stay in the side of problem, and not to be involved in any problem. They are more or less like robots.  Especially in the USA, they are very comfortable and try to be outside any difficulties. Only if they must, they will take part. Only the good people are respect police and other people do not care about them. And the police also live them alone. As, they will afraid from them.  .  The police and court are punishing always the people who come to them and they do not go after the criminals who flee. You can think that the police and court system is just for nice people and if you cannot find the man or woman who steal yours, the police cannot do anything. With other words, you should go after them and find them, so the police can serve them.  May be the same system is in the whole world is sort of corrupted  and the middle class people are the victims of the system. As I was in the elementary school, the children tease each other and especially if a boy was weak, was more target of teasing.

It was a boy and his name was Kiyan, he was ugly and had a very deformed body and ugly face. So the children tease him the most. His body was like a  four angles. He was like a real quadrate.   The children told him you are so ugly, that nobody will love you and nobody will be your wife. But Kiyan was a smart boy and he answered but there are a lot of other ugly women and ugly girl, one of them will choose me. Now after fourty five years from those years, I think why the ten years old children should tease one of their class mates so badly and make fear in his mind for his future.  May be now; Kiyan has a better life than other his class mates.  Who knows the life and the world does not work as we wish.  You can see a lot of stupid ugly people also came to the top of the country.  Sorrowfully we are not patient and if we get some problem in our life we get upset or angry and try to find a friend or family to speak about that condition, but again they can get our problems and plan to misuse us more and more. The problems came always together, one after the other. The people are planning to get benefit from the people who are in a weak position and who have problem , they cannot misuse people who have no problems. They make a nice plan, they show themselves that they are very concerned and or moved by your problems and they show that they want to help and guide you, but in reality they are trying to find a way to robe you more and use your bad luck to have benefits for themselves.  They pretend that they love you and they want to help you, and they want to have your trust and your love, so they can destroy you more. And as the law and regulation is very weak, they have a lot of possibilities to misuse you. So if you have problem do not share that with the people. 

 In the time that people have difficulties and the system is trying to make the people more and more indifferent, how you expect they will help you or support you or even have mercy about you and your problems.  We think we have friends, but the friends are for some reasons there, or they have also a condition for their friendship.  There is maybe no law to support the people in the whole world. You should find a way to be supported.  The system is trying to make as far as possible the people cruel or indifferent, what can you expect?  A thief has robbed our neighbor house, the police of USA was not agreed to write a report. And he said that is a civil matter.  I said to the police if you think you are fine and will not try to write a report, this thief will come tomorrow also to your house or to the house of your father.  To be so indifferent you give the thief chance to continue his activities. He said let me to speak with my supervisor. After a lot of discussion he filled the report. I thought in the past our teacher always told us in USA or West the life is so nice and the people are so correct and they are so friendly, may be they saw too many Hollywood’s movies like I will see you again, that the American family is so open that they invite a soldier in their house and they are so nice and open to him. But that is not a real life of Americans. 

A lot of them say lie and steal if they can.  And as I was as student in Germany, I feel badly that we the Middle Eastern people are not well come there. They do not rent us rooms and they do not want to be our friend. They are completely different as they are in our countries as guests.  They need us in our countries and we can help them, so they are friendly with us, but in their country the same person will not even speak with us.  I remember one day the Middle Eastern Students in a gathering told each other, the German build Germany for themselves, we should go back to our countries and make them nice for us.  Sorrowfully in our countries, the people make artificial problems for each other. The people are not trained to respect each other and each other believes.   And if the fundamentalists come to the power, they will not give a chance to anybody else. So a lot of people should go out of the countries and the third world people will be in the first world only physical workers, most of them. And some of very intelligent and smarts get nice position, but they do not help the others. They should contacted only very poor and stupid people and they cannot have contacts with upper class people. Only the poor and needy class people can be their acquaintances.  With the time the culture of low class people will influence our people and they think like them. And or they are degenerate in the lower class thinking. And so we will stay in law situation in other counties or the first world.  Some people who studied in the West, after coming back and get nice position, instead of helping people, they try to be rich by getting illegal money. And if you say why you do this, they answer you if you can , you do it also.

They think they are smart to take bribes from the people.  One day the son of my friend cried and told him, if you were clever, too like that engineer and get enough bribes, I do not need to work here and study here. But the boy of sixteen forgets that a lot of young people in Iran have the wish to come here and study here.  The boy think, to come to the USA as his father arranged for him, is like going to the next city in Tehran, the city of Ray.  He compares himself in the USA with the son of an American rich senator or business man. And he thinks that is the fault of the father who did not take bribes to support him more.  The people in the Middle Eastern countries like to come here, for work or study and they think here is everything very good and perfect. They do not know that here it has also its own problems. You should work very hard and there is a lot of competition here. So young people who cannot get their right there, they can only blame on the parents.  In the hope that one day our counties will be also like European countries or USA and our people can study and work there.  And so they do not need to have all other problems to get job or study here.  You do not know the language properly, you do not have family here , you do not know the system and culture here. So it is much more difficult than in your countries.

 Only if you are persecuted in your countries, because of religions or different thinking, you have no other choice as to stay here.   Most people from the third world, are not willing to stay in the West, they prefer to go back, but they cannot do it so easy. If we learn like the people in the West to tolerate each other and work with each other, may be one of our problem will be solved.  If we respect and tolerate each other, we can have the same life as in the West one day. The west systems like our confusion, so they can robe us easier.  And we do not need to be their modern slaves if our countries do the same policy they do with their own people. These entire problems are because we have natural sources and they need it. For example oil. They want cheap oil, so they work on that in petrochemical industries and sell its products hundred time more back to us. If we are clever, we will not sell those natural sources to them, but we work them in our factories and keep the workers busy and crate jobs and productions.  They manufacture bombs, drugs and other materials, if there is no war how they can sell their weapons and bombs. If the people like Ben Laden do not marking for them, how can they sell? If there is no Sadam how can they have the war between Iran and Iraq?  Who gave money and weapons to Taliban or Alghaede to fight with the young communist’s regime of Afghanistan?  They wanted to fight with Soviet Union and our people were their devices for this war. Everybody in Afghanistan said that the communists or socialists in Afghanistan were young and good people who were not after money or sex. They wanted to work for the people.

They believe in a real socialist system which can help the majorities.  But the West trained the Taliban or Alghaede to kill them.  For their own benefits we lost our young people, who thought the socialists or communist can help the people. And they did a lot of good work in the time they had the power and government, but the West did not let them to work. And they must be destroyed by Taliban and with American modern weapons.  Now even Hammed Karzai and General Parviz Mosharaf are saying the same thing, that the West for their benefit destroyed our countries and left a burned land for us back. They trained the people to kill their own brothers and sisters if they think differently. And instead encouraging them to go to school and be somebody they trained them to be killer and fighters.  If we can by killing our brothers help our counties? A country will be progressive, it the people study well and work well, not killing each other and use guns and weapons and bombs.  That is clear if USA used just part of those money spent for fighting with terrorist for the education and creation of work, there will be no terrorist any more. The people go to terrorists because they need work and money. If,  they get jobs and can work or study, they will have no time to go to terrorists camps.  Nobody will join them, the terrorists.     

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