Mohammad has Leukemia

Do you remember Behnoud Shojaee?

If you don’t, you are not to be blamed, there are just too many to keep track of and remember.

Last year around the same time as now, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, executed Behnood for a crime he was alleged to have committed when he was only 17.

Behnoud was murdered by the Islamist Rapists and nothing can be done about it now, but something can be done about his brave attorney.

Mr. Mohammad Oliyaifard was Behnoud’s lawyer. He tried everything to save his client from being murdered and in doing so literally put his own neck on the line.

After the murder, in an interview Oliyaifard called the verdict as what it was, “illegal”. Not long after that interview he was charged and convicted of the catch all charge of “anti-regime propaganda”. Few months later he was locked up to serve his one year sentence.

With these nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists, cases like Behnoud’s murder is a matter of routine.  So is the arrest and imprisonment of human rights lawyers in Iran. But the urgency in the case of Mr. Oliyaifard comes from the recent devastating news.

According to RAHANA:

“After observing several lumps on his body, the doctor in the Evin prison clinic diagnosed Dr. Oliyaifard with leukemia. The clinic stated that Oliyaifard needs to visit a specialist. Dr. Oliyaifard needs to be transferred to a specialist clinic outside of prison immediately.”

Attn: attorneys in the sane and free world, your colleagues in Iran could use some help. At least one, while imprisoned on bogus charges, is fighting injustice and cancer empty-handed.

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