Iran wouldn’t Push the Button says Israeli Military Analyst

Iran (TML) – As the
U.N. pushes forward with sanctions on Iran, it still remains unlikely
Teheran will use nuclear weapons if acquired, says one Israeli military

Emily Landau, at the Institute for National Security Studies, a
prominent Israeli think tank, said she is skeptical that Teheran would
actually push the button.

“The nuclear issue works on peoples
minds. You get the effect through deterrence and through having the
other side think that they can never be sure whether you will press the
button or not. That’s the situation that you create when you have
nuclear weapons,” Landau told the Media Line.

Landau added that urgent action is needed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

“All the debates that are going on about how much time is left before
Iran gets there are, I think, beside the point. The right question is,
is Iran motivated to get there, are they on the way to getting there,
are they determined? And if the answer to all those questions is yes,
and all the indications are that they are moving to a military
capability, then the time to get serious is yesterday.”

Landau also criticized the Obama administration efforts to stop Iranian nuclear progress.

“Negotiations with Iran can’t be thought of as engagement and
confidence-building. Those are not relevant to bargaining over the
nucl… >>>

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